1. Fatora


Fatora is a smart product for online payment solutions in MENA, it is an application and website enables its users to create invoices and send them online to the customer to pay them directly via credit cards

Fatora aims to :

1- Creating, recording and receiving invoices for non-experts in the accounting field.
2- Facilitating and speeding up the process of creating invoices
3- Give startups more securing and necessary time for them to develop their business
4- Ensuring the rights providers by collect the price of their services and sales directly
5- Supporting entrepreneurs and freelancers ( designers, developers ,content writers) receiving their money easily and quickly
6- It also provides integration to applications and any ecommerce website

Fatora helped its customers to save their time and get payments faster with their phone number
It also made it easier for merchants to sell and collect their services quickly and simply through an online application supports three different types of invoices

IOS Android

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