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Specialty Coffee are coffees composed of 100% Arabica Coffees. They are considered Specialty Coffees once they have passed through the Standards that has set by SCA or the Specialty Coffee Association.

First, the coffees should be presented with 300g green sample from a particular farm at a particular harvest and processing method, and that the coffee sample should not have a primary and less to no secondary defects that is usually a sign of poor agricultural and processing practice. After the Physical evaluation, the Coffees will be roasted and cupped by a Licensed Quality Arabica Graders.

The coffee samples will be evaluated by its smell, flavour, quality, etc. and will earn a corresponding points given by the evaluators, per category and shall score 80 points or higher from a scale of 100 to be considered as a “SPECIALTY COFFEE”… Specialty Coffees also has a distinctive taste particular to its variety and microclimate where it was cultivated. A Specialty Coffee has depth of flavours, complex, lively like a fresh ripe fruit and not bitter forward…

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