1. Alkout Kitchens

    Alkout Kitchens

Alkout Kitchens in Qatar is a high-end traditional homemade Kuwaiti food take-away restaurant, started in 2018 with the intention to spread all over the country in the first 5 years and franchise globally by 2025.
Alkout Kitchens provides authentic homemade Kuwaiti food ranging from specifically cooked types of rice accompanied with either chicken, meat, fish and shrimps. In addition, soups, salads, traditional dishes, breakfast dishes and desserts served.
Mission: “upgrade the traditional food from regional to global cuisine, desired by different backgrounds”.
Vision: “spread the high-quality food all around the country leaded by the professional management. Create the platform to be a franchise”.
“We believe, presentation initiates the assumptions and taste leads the journey”.

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