1. Dr. Chef

    Dr. Chef

You don't have to travel thousands of miles crossing mountainous terrain, dangerous deserts and endless oceans to enjoy cuisine from around the globe, because at Dr. Chef's we guarantee that no two dining experiences will be the same! Whether you are keen to experimenting or a perfectionist, picky eater, our unique dining experience allows for the customer to customize certain dishes fashioning the ideal atmosphere for foodies and their families. Just follow Abu Short's mantra: "explore for more".

Fresh, wholesome ingredients are picked carefully to create our delicious dishes from our mouth-watering appetizers, delectable main courses and decadent desserts, Dr. Chef will give you a remedy when you are sick of eating plain Jane platters. Whether you are homesick for traditional food or wanting to spice it up because you're not in a good mood, call the doctor!

Dr. Chef's Restaurant: "Sick of being hungry, call the doctor quick!"

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